Why Girls Go Astray Collaboration!

My friend Andy from Why Girls Go Astray is amazing! She’s hardworking, eclectic, cool, and runs her own business making extremely unique decoupage trays and wares. I have them all over my house and love them! The Raven mini tray is currently my favorite.

Earlier this year Andy told me she was thinking about creating dining plates and asked if she could use my photos. I was thrilled! I showed her a bunch of recent work, and she ended up using  5 of my images in her decoupage dining plate creations. This will sound so biased, the plates are beautiful! She chose vibrant photos that are not only gorgeous to eat off of, and also make special decorative pieces. A glorious gold covers the edges and bottom of the plates which really compliments the bright colors in the photos. I love them.

The plates are for sale via Why Girls Go Astray, and will be sold at various local and Bay Area Craft Shows that I’ll list below the photos!

A huge thanks to Andy for always encouraging the growth of my business and being my #1 collaborator!

Support local and have a good day! XO

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015


Patchwork Holiday Show, Oakland, California
October 25, 2015, 11 to 5 pm
55 Harrison Street – Oakland, California
The Urban Epicurean Festival
November 7 & 8th 2015 from 11:30 – 6:30 pm
Fort Mason Center, Festival Pavilion – San Francisco, CA
Petaluma Crafterino
Saturday, November 28 from 11 to 5 pm
Petaluma Veterans Memorial Building
1094 Petaluma Blvd South
The event will raise funds for COTS – Committee on the Shelterless, the local homeless service provider in Petaluma.

Davis Art Center 25th Annual Holiday Sale
Friday, December 4, 2015, 12 pm to 7 pm
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 10 am to 5 pm
1919 F Street – Davis, CA 95616

Nevada City Winter Craft Show
Sunday, December 13, from 10:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Miners Foundry Cultural Center
325 Spring St — Nevada City, CA 95959

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

This is the Raven mini tray I mentioned. xo

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Floral Months Calendar Presale!!

Hey Everyone! 2016 Calendars are ready to order that feature photos of monthly floral creations. This project brought me so much joy because it combined my favorite things- flowers and photography! I hope it brings you good vibes and happy tidings throughout 2016.

Floral Months Calendar Pre sale! Now through October 25, 2015.

8.5”x11” Wall Calendars. Printed on a thick satin paper stock, and wire bound. Will look great on your wall, add color to your life, and you’ll know what day it is! Makes a great gift too. I heard Christmas is only 9 weeks away.

Early bird Prices:

1 – $17

2 – $30

3 – $40

4 – $50

5 – $55 aka CBT Special ❤

Looking for more or want to make an offer? Message me for custom pricing. 🙂

Payment is easy. Paypal me -> paypal.me/ChristinaThomas

Free shipping! DM me your address, or we can arrange for local pickup. If e-mail works better for you- photochristina11@gmail.com.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to pursue this project. The funds will be applied to seeds, bulbs, and gardening supplies which will support future floral photos projects! My next idea is in the works.

Early bird calendars should arrive early November. Thanks so much!



PS. Enjoy these calendar sample photos!

See all the month photos here-> http://on.fb.me/1Q99tMB

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

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Here again

Hello World of WordPress!

It’s been awhile, in fact, nearly a year since I’ve last blogged via Wordpress. You could say I’ve been distracted from blogging- by Tumblr, InstagramPhotojojo, and real life. I must admit that I’ve been itching to get back into blogging, so here’s a scratch to that itch. There are tons of photos and stories hanging around my desktop that just can’t wait to be published on the web!

A lot has happened this year that I’m quite excited about. I traveled to and basked in the glory of Yosemite and the Grand Canyon for the first time, finished a year long “Floral Months” project that will be made into a calendar (happening now), have been reading for pleasure, and as of late enjoying the start of fall.

On June 26th, 2015 gay marriage was ruled constitutional. Thank heavens! Being in a same sex relationship, this was the ultimate good news for my best friend/partner and I, Anna, along with others desperate for equality. With this ruling came the desire to capture same sex weddings, and more straight weddings, animal weddings, and just love in general. My entire life I’ve believed that love is love (it knows no right from wrong, right?), so this ruling definitely restored my faith in the good of mankind.

I have photographed a handful of weddings over the last few years, mostly for friends and referrals, and I loved capturing the love of those I knew, but I longed for equality and the freedom to get married myself which held me back from pursuing wedding photography. Now that love has won, my desire to document all the love and be embraced in the wedding photographer world is upon me.

In the last few months, I’ve had the privilege of shooting various weddings with Rachelle of Composing Reality, as well as Elegant Events Media. I’m so thankful for these opportunities, all that I’ve learned about documenting such an important day. With that, I am booking for 2016 weddings. Packages start at $1500. Feel free to check out my wedding work, and get in touch if you’re tying the knot next year!

Well, that’s pretty much what I’ve been wanting to say! The blog itch has been scratched for today! Life isn’t perfect, but it sure is interesting. I’m quite smitten I’m here now to document it.

And now, for a few photos:

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2014

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

Thank you for reading and supporting. I hope to get back into the habit of blogging regularly. xoxoxox

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Where I’ve been!

I left wordpress behind, despite having been blogging with them since 2010. The interface changed too many times, and sadly it wasn’t to my liking. I’ve been keeping my website updated, as well as blogging over on tumblr! So I’m pretty much still all over the web, just not here! If you care to see what’s up, I’ve got a few places for you to check out!




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Grad season lives on!

I had the pleasure of shooting and designing a graduation announcement for my good friend Ali! She handled her four years at UC Davis like a boss, and was pretty excited for graduation when we had this shoot! We wandered around the UC Davis Arboretum and found the best spots to shoot. The light was perfect! Needless to say, my model made it easy for me! What a beauty. We celebrated the end of the shoot with confetti because yolo (and then froyo). I’m proud of this gal! She’s brilliant and will continue to accomplish big things!Alex_Grad_Postcard1

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Hold Up/Set Down

Had a great time snapping daisies we found along the lake. Nothing like welcoming in the official summer time with Lake Tahoe. The high altitude makes for beautiful skies and great weather. It’s the perfect escape from the heat of the Sac Valley, especially when the days hit over 100 degrees.tahoedaisiesgrid

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Tahoe State Recreation Area!

Hi internet! Hope all is well! I’ve been busy w/ life, summer, flowers, work, and fun! We celebrated summer solstice by camping in Tahoe! We lucked out with a super sweet campsite at Tahoe SRA in Tahoe City, CA! Tahoe is so beautiful, and I’m so happy it’s only about two hours from Sacramento! Can’t wait to go back this summer!tahoesunsetgrid

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Camping in the Clouds

The summer is here! Happy summer. Here is a scan from a roll of 120 bw film that I shot last year. I just had it developed at Cox Black and White lab in Rancho. They’re superb. Now this exposure happened to be a happy accident… unless I don’t remember what tricks I was pulling at Sasquatch Music Fest in Quincy, WA in 2013 (hehe). We camped over Memorial Day weekend along the Columbia River Gorge, listened to tons of great tunes, and watched the biggest sky go by all day long. campcloudsweb

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New York, you’re on my mind.

New York… a concrete jungle, filled with personality, history, flowers, beauty, struggle, etc. I’m glad I got to see this city again. nycskylineWeb

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Favorites from Grenada, Nicaragua

My favorite 8 photos from Grenada, Nicaragua. January 2014. Digital. I may have posted a couple of these individually before, but wanted to share them as a set. I just finished making postcards out of these images to share with the folks I traveled with while on this great adventure. Plus, I know my mom will love to see them! 1 church duskcasa hacienda jacksonpollock lagunadaapollo nicanest pinkgreensky

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