Here again

Hello World of WordPress!

It’s been awhile, in fact, nearly a year since I’ve last blogged via Wordpress. You could say I’ve been distracted from blogging- by Tumblr, InstagramPhotojojo, and real life. I must admit that I’ve been itching to get back into blogging, so here’s a scratch to that itch. There are tons of photos and stories hanging around my desktop that just can’t wait to be published on the web!

A lot has happened this year that I’m quite excited about. I traveled to and basked in the glory of Yosemite and the Grand Canyon for the first time, finished a year long “Floral Months” project that will be made into a calendar (happening now), have been reading for pleasure, and as of late enjoying the start of fall.

On June 26th, 2015 gay marriage was ruled constitutional. Thank heavens! Being in a same sex relationship, this was the ultimate good news for my best friend/partner and I, Anna, along with others desperate for equality. With this ruling came the desire to capture same sex weddings, and more straight weddings, animal weddings, and just love in general. My entire life I’ve believed that love is love (it knows no right from wrong, right?), so this ruling definitely restored my faith in the good of mankind.

I have photographed a handful of weddings over the last few years, mostly for friends and referrals, and I loved capturing the love of those I knew, but I longed for equality and the freedom to get married myself which held me back from pursuing wedding photography. Now that love has won, my desire to document all the love and be embraced in the wedding photographer world is upon me.

In the last few months, I’ve had the privilege of shooting various weddings with Rachelle of Composing Reality, as well as Elegant Events Media. I’m so thankful for these opportunities, all that I’ve learned about documenting such an important day. With that, I am booking for 2016 weddings. Packages start at $1500. Feel free to check out my wedding work, and get in touch if you’re tying the knot next year!

Well, that’s pretty much what I’ve been wanting to say! The blog itch has been scratched for today! Life isn’t perfect, but it sure is interesting. I’m quite smitten I’m here now to document it.

And now, for a few photos:

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2014

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

Copyright Christina Best Thomas 2015

Thank you for reading and supporting. I hope to get back into the habit of blogging regularly. xoxoxox

About Christina B. Thomas

I've been keeping it weird since '87. I live in the City of Trees, which more or less accurately could be called Sacramento. I am a painter of light, a cat person, and just recently have become really good at dominos. If you care to inquire more, just be my friend, and let me take pictures of you.
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